PD Dr. Matthias Uhl

Leader of the Junior Research Group "Ethics of Digitization"

Contact details

Postal address: 

Hochschule für Politik München

Richard-Wagner-Straße 1
D-80333 München


Research Interests

  • Ethics of Digitization
  • Experimental Economics
  • Experimental Ethics
  • Business Ethics
  • Philosophy of Science


Curriculum Vitae

since 2017Leader of Junior Research Group "Ethics of Digitization"
TUM School of Governance, TU München
2012 - 2017Research Associate
at the Peter Löscher Chair of Business Ethics, TU München
2011Doctorate in Economics ("summa cum laude")
cumulative thesis: "Multiple Selves in Economics - Four Studies on Intrapersonal Conflict" (Advisors: Prof. Werner Güth, Prof. Hartmut Kliemt, Prof. Uwe Cantner)
2008 - 2011Doctoral Studies of Economics
Max Planck Institute of Economics and Friedrich Schiller University, Jena
2004 - 2007Studies of Economics
Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Diploma in Economics ("good")
2000 - 2004Studies of Business Administration
University of Applied Sciences, Mainz, Diploma in Business Administration ("very good")
1998 - 2000  Vocational training as industrial clerk
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma KG, Ingelheim


Journal contributions

Forthcoming  Ostermaier, A. and Uhl, M.: "Spot on for Liars! How Public Scrutiny Influences Ethical Behavior". PLOS ONE.
Forthcoming  Jauernig, J., Uhl, M. and Luetge, C.: "Voluntary Agreements Between Competitors: Trick or Truth?". Journal of Business Economics, Special Issue on "Experimental (Business) Ethics".
2016  Jauernig, J., Uhl, M. and Luetge, C.: "Competition-Induced Punishment of Winners and Losers: Who is the Target?". Journal of Economic Psychology 57, 13 - 25.
2016  Kandul, S. and Uhl., M.: "Inspirations or Incitements? Ethical Mind-sets and the Effect of Moral Examples". Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 65, 146 - 153.
2014  Kataria, M., Levati, M. V. and Uhl., M.: "Paternalism with Hindsight: Do Protégés React Consequentialistically to Paternalism?". Social Choice and Welfare 43(3), 731 - 746.
2014  Levati, M. V., Uhl, M. and Zultan, R.: "Imperfect Recall and Time Inconsistencies: An Experimental Test of the Absentminded Driver 'Paradox'". International Journal of Game Theory 43, 2014, 65 - 88.
2011  Migrow, D.; Uhl, M. "The Resolution Game: A Dual Selves Perspective". Games, Vol. 2, 2011, 452-462.
2011Uhl, M. "Do Self-Committers Mind Other-Imposed Commitment? An Experiment on Weak Paternalism". Rationality, Markets and Morals, Vol. 2, 2011, 13–34.


Book contributions

Forthc.  Luetge, C. and Uhl, M.: "An Experimental Approach to Ethics". In: Enderle, G. and Murphy, P.E. (eds.) Ethical Innovation in Business and the Economy. Edward Elgar Publishing.
Forthc.  Rusch, H. and Uhl, M.: "Order Ethics: An Experimental Perspective". In: Luetge, C. and Mukerji, N. (eds.), Order Ethics: An Ethical Framework for the Social Market Economy. Springer.



2014  Luetge, C., Rusch, H. and Uhl., M.: "Experimental Ethics: Towards an Empirical Moral Philosophy". Palgrave Macmillan.


Working Papers

2011  Uhl, M.: "Challenging the Intrapersonal Empathy Gap. An Experiment with Self-Commitment Power." Jena Economic Research Papers, #2011-019


Book Reviews

2016  Uhl, M.: "Jason Brennan and Peter M. Jaworski. Markets without Limits: Moral Virtues and Commercial Interests". Ethical Theory and Moral Practice.
2012  Uhl, M.: "Norbert Häring: Markt und Macht. Was Sie schon immer über die Wirtschaft wissen wollten, aber bisher nicht erfahren sollten". Arbeit. Zeitschrift für Arbeitsforschung, Arbeitsgestaltung und Arbeitspolitik, Vol. 4, 2012.