Theses at the Peter Löscher Chair

The chair offers a master's thesis which deals with the use of facial recognition programs in the health care sector (as of May 2020). The concrete goal is the preparation of a study, which evaluates the ethical preferences on the use of AI technologies in respect of health crises. If you are interested in conducting the study, please contact

If you are interested in the topic, feel free to contact Here you find an overview about concrete research questions.

When choosing a more general topic, you can orient yourself on the following areas of research:

  • Ethical Assessment of Economic Interaction with Repressive Regimes
  • Artificial Intelligence and Its Ethical Challenges
  • ESG Ratings and their methodology

Moreover, you can send your own proposals to the scientific staff of the chair ( Before you start writing, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with the basics of academic writing before beginning with your thesis. Please click here for further information about our citation guidelines.

Master and Bachelor Theses at the IEAI

In addition to the Chair of Business Ethics, the Institute of Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (IEAI) offers you the opportunity to write a master thesis on topics relating to ethics and AI:

  • Ethics and Data Protection in the Analysis of process-based Data in Healthcare
  • The Importance of Understanding User’s Linguistic Environment, Culture, and Context

You can retrieve further information on the official homepage of the IEAI. If you are interested in writing a thesis at the IEAI, please contact or