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Recent news

Am 8. Oktober ist auf Bayern 2 ein Interview mit Prof. Lütge zu der Thematik Ethik des Autonomes Fahren erschienen. Die vollständige Sendung zum Thema "Autonomes Fahren - Wann übernimmt der Computer das Steuer?" und das Interview mit Prof. Lütge finden Sie hier. [more]

On August 21, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung published an interview with Prof. Lütge on the role of social media in our contemporary discourse and the reactions of companies to shitstorms. You can find the complete interview here. [more]

The Japanese translation of "The Ethics of Competition" will be published by Keio University Press. The original  book, written by Prof. Lütge and published in German in 2014, was translated by Itaru Shimazu. The extended edition contains an interview with Prof. Lütge. You can... [more]

We would like to inform you about the following publication of Prof. Lütge: ICIS 2019 SIGHCI Workshop Panel Report: Human–Computer Interaction Challenges and Opportunities for Fair, Trustworthy and Ethical Artificial Intelligence. AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction,... [more]

On June 22, Prof. Lütge has given an online lecture at the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence on the topic "AI and Sustainability" in the panel "AI Ethics, Governance and Sustainable Development" (人工智能伦理、治理与可持续发展专题论坛). Click here for further information. [more]

On Monday, 10, Professor Erik Angner (Stockholm University) delivered a zoom-lecture on Epistemic Humility – Knowing Your Limits in a Pandemic and on the implications of the CoVid-19 crisis on the academic debate. [more]

On April 3, Prof. Lütge gave an interview in the German Tagesschau, which was dedicated to the issue "morality in the Corona Crisis". [more]

“Short-term decisions can have a long-term impact on our world” The weapons deployed in the fight against the covid-19 pandemic also include artificial intelligence. AI might be able to recognize patterns in the spread of the disease, for example. These new possibilities raise... [more]

Am 14. April führte das pro Medienmagazin mit Prof. Lütge ein Interview zur Beteilung von Ethikern an der Entwicklung an der Corona-Apps. Das vollständige Interview finden Sie hier. [more]

Am 14. April gab Prof. Lütge im "logistik journal" zum Thema Künstliche Intelligenz und Unternehmensethik. Das Interview finden dazu Sie hier. [more]